Abem Youth Academy

Abem Youth Academy was established in September 2010 as a kindergarten with 126 Students, ten Teachers and seven administration works. In the beginning of the first year, it was tough to move as we desire because we were very fresh in the industry. Although we lack sufficient experience to move the business easily but with the help of all Abem teachers and Administrators we were able to complete successfully. Parents demanded to have elementary classes in the next year hence we proceed to have legal permission from the government and we got accreditation in 2011 from grade 1 up to 4 from education office. Every year parents demand for the next level was very high, the school has got greater acceptance and more students among the society but he school fee not enough for expansion project, it was guest challenge for us to actualize our dream it we breakthrough all the problems. Through those times we were constructing the elementary school in summer seasons we completed in 2015. In the following process we had to odd one more kindergarten school but we rented two more compounds in 2017, with 1100 square meters. Today the school can offer from kindergarten up to grade eight, We have around nine hundred students, one hundred twelve employees who could contribute for citizens and the country in general, in the

Abems Purpose
Abem Youth Academy is established to cultivate competent citizen among the community, supporting the society adn the nation in general.

Name and Definition
  • "Abem" its originated from garaging and it means its Gods Gift.
  • "Abems" All employees in Abem Youth Academy 
  • "Abems Culture" All Abems principles, regulations, rules and traditions applied in the school.
  • "Abems Leaders" It indicates various leaders in Abem 

Our Vision

In 2027 all grade 8 student who seat for national exam should get above 80% and all grade 12 student who seat for national leaving exam has to join higher institution above 90%

Our Mission

Abem Youth Academy by :

  • Delivering modern and up to date education
  • Delivering quality education
  • Producing Healthy and scare class and environ ment
  • Working on their ethical, social, emotional and physical growth.

Abem Youth Academy

Core Value


Loyalty is expected always using time, property and conducts


Our team member should display genuine personality through their speedch, action adn conducts. They should be a model for others.


Our team members should strive always ways of working out of their duty time so as to bring new opportunity and growth.



Our team member's speeches and deeds that reflect that we give priority to others and we don't have ego rather we inspire others.


All Abem's employees should update them selves and get in to the next level of their profession. Reading and learning and Being in the process of wisdom have to be our daily task.


In working place although there are things we took them serious but not always. We have to have a sense of humour and fun. we have to create an interesting adn funny working environment.